Artist in english

Enzo Gambelli



Enzo Gambelli's work is the fruit of an intense, meditative process which evolves quite slowly and imposes severe limits of the volume of his artistic production.  His artistic research explores temporal cycles: the flowering of plants, the life of the body, the degradation of the natural environment, et al. 

A key theme which has intrigued him in recent years revolves around the imprint which time leaves on earthly things; his response has been a meditation on time's passage, an aesthetic study of transiency.  The explorations of a statue from past millenia, a fragment of a centuries-old wall, even wood or metals disfigured by time--these are all hallmarks of his poetic impulse.  His territory is that borderland between abstraction and figuration where suggestive forms alternately reveal and conceal themselves, where they grow and diminish in the visual field.

It is through these reflections on the passing of the ages that Gambelli's work foster an engagement with the timeless depths.  From this inner tension his work launches itself like an ardent plea toward a transcendent realm, far from the banality, superficiality, and typical preoccupations of our day...

...Inert, I would like to be, like some ancient cliff,
and observe the passing of the hours,
and the changing steps of men,
and the skies that take color at dawn and fade at dusk...
(Camillo Sbarbaro)

Happy is he who can be free in life and understand the language of flowers and dumb objects
(Ch. Baudelaire)

...Find yourself an empty spot and, inverting your eyes, watch the centuries vanish around the corner, belly covered over with moss, shoulders with dust, tinged with time...
(Iosif Brodskiy)